Non Dilutive Grants

Deep Tech has the potential to solve our world’s biggest problems

But in order to do that, there is an urgent need for funding

Luckily, there are many grants, especially for Deep Tech startups!

We created a database that should aid the funding process and make grant finding more accessible. Use this database to find and learn more about available grants (more details below).

If you know of any grants or consulting firms (see below) that you would like to add to the database, please send us the detailed information to fill the table at [email protected]. We hope this can be a collaborative tool that benefits all.

Deep Tech Grants

A few tips to use the database

In the desktop view, you can filter the database by several categories to find more specific grants.

For example, change the “Sector focus” to find grants in more specific subject areas relevant to you. Make sure to include “General” in your sector choices search, so you do not miss the grants that apply to a wide range of categories. Additionally, in the “Granted in Israel” category, you can find out if the grant issuer has previously awarded money to Israeli companies.

In the “Requirements to apply” column, you can find out what grants are specifically for and if you qualify.

Under “Application process”, you can get a glimpse into what to expect when completing an application.

Use these helpful categories and more to guide you in your process!

Applying for grants can be challenging and rigorous

Here you can look at several consulting firms and companies that aid in the application and funding process.

Relevant information like their services and sector focuses are available to you and can be found on the database.

Consulting Firms

Disclaimer: All information provided is to our best understanding. We are not responsible for any inaccurate information.

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